CEO, Co-Owner

Sho’dol Beauty Store was founded in 2014 by a certified beauty therapist, Emma Mudolo. She is a beauty pioneer, creative visionary and power house entrepreneur of Zambian decent.

In December 2016, Emma created Sho’dol Cosmetics. Her focus and passion is to provide quality makeup cosmetics at affordable prices for Zambian women as well as all African women around the world. Emma has developed and picked the right colors, looking for best quality and most surprising textures.

Sho’dol’s ideal and wishful dream is to create a makeup line for all African women with skin tones in myriad shades all over the globe. Sho’dol Beauty Store Online for Zambia clients and are steps forward to this vision.

Managing Director, Co-Owner

Vera is a marketing and beauty expert that leads the company’s day-to-day operations and marketing for the brand’s best-selling prestigious cosmetic line. She is the sister of the founder Emma Mudolo and co- owner of the company.

Given her own entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on experience through the years, there may be no better-suited executive. She works in every layer of the organization from receptionist to salesperson.

A radical entrepreneur in her own right, “My task is to align that vision with the dynamic voice of our customer.”  Vera puts herself forward as the brand’s first line of engagement, working directly with Shodol’s customers to introduce a state-of-the-art, industry-defining products direct to consumer.

Sho’dol Beauty Store is a makeup store that retails in a variety of makeup ranging from drug store makeup to high end makeup from all over world, as well as health and beauty mineral skin care products.

During the last 5 years, our cosmetic stores have grown to become the largest locally owned beauty destination in Zambia. We aim at bringing artistry to life by providing you premium quality colors and cosmetics to all make up users.

Our site is the first truly African cosmetic store that offers branded products at discounted prices. With over 5 years in business and backed by a dedicated team devoted to improving your shopping experience, we believe in providing a hassle-free environment to purchase your favorite skincare, makeup and fragrances at prices you can easily afford.