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Soft latex free beauty sponge that can be used both dry & wet. Softer & expand when it is damp. Pointed tip for hard to reach area and spot correcting. Curved side, a soft and bouncy surface allows natural & airbrushed finish. Flat surface for a more high coverage finish & for powder/”baking” application.

How to use:
 Soak the Blending sponge with room temperature water. Squeeze out excess water. Place the Blending sponge in a towel and squeeze it again to remove any remaining excess water. The Blending sponge will expand and become much more softer when it is damp. Use a bounce and rolling motion to applying your liquid, cream or even powder makeup. The Blending sponge can also be used when it is dry or semi-dry for face powder application.

Blending sponge Care
Dampen the Blending sponge with room temperature water. Add baby shampoo/ antibacterial dishwasher liquid soap / proper brush shampoo to the Blending sponge. Knead out the dirt from the Blending sponge until it begins to lather. Rinse and repeat if needed. Then simply leave it out to air dry until you need to use it again.


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